Building marketing strategies using new technologies

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dc.contributor.advisor Idziak, Paweł Remi Przemysław 2014-01-17T23:02:26Z 2014-01-17T23:02:26Z 2002
dc.description.abstract Marketing has been developing through many years and has accompanied trade and production for all the time. Every entrepreneur has tried to find a proper way to sell its product. Different way of understanding marketing has been allowed creating different strategies that were used in specific time and place. Using the same strategy twice does not guarantee success, therefore a marketer should constantly improve and introduce new strategies that will be suitable for the right time and place. In order to be successful on the market place, one must predict strategies that should be use in the future. Therefore new technology should be used to be ahead of its competitors. The aim of the thesis is presenting how new marketing strategies can be built using new technologies. The origin of the Internet and the way it has been developing in Poland is described. There are four main web styles that can be implemented to enterprises. Those styles differentiate in mission, goals, tools and the target audience. The author presents how a web site should be personalized for a different markets. The importance of promotion on the Internet, the technique of web positioning and importance of it are explained along with a detailed instruction how the strategy should be built. The strategy that is based on gathering information about site visitors and potential clients is described and the system of collecting information as well as the proper strategy are discussed. pl
dc.language.iso pl pl
dc.rights licencja niewyłączna pl
dc.subject management pl
dc.subject marketing pl
dc.subject Internet pl
dc.subject marketing tools pl
dc.subject web positioning pl
dc.subject back end traffic system pl
dc.subject web styles pl
dc.subject marketing strategies pl
dc.title Building marketing strategies using new technologies pl
dc.type masterThesis pl

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