WSB-NLU Repository

Terms of Use of the Repository

of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz

stating the rules of collecting, depositing, publishing and the storing and security policies concerning the works stored in the Repository of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University.


§ 1

  1. 1. The digital repository of WSB-NLU, known as The Repository of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University (Repository) is created and developed with the aim of wider distribution and promotion of the achievements of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz (WSB) in the fields of scientific research and didactic activity.
  2. 2. The Repository forms part of the WSB-NLU Library.


§ 2

  1. 1. The Repository collects, permanently stores and publishes digital versions of works of the WSB staff and students, and especially those works which are scientific or didactic in nature.
  2. 2. The Repository may also accept works submitted by staff of schools operating in partnership with WSB or staff of other organisations - subject to separate agreement.
  3. 3. The collection of the Repository is deposited and published on-line through an internet service using the DSpace systems.
  4. 4. The Repository collects the following types of work, both published and unpublished:
    1. a. diploma dissertations;
    2. b. annual volumes of journals published by WSB;
    3. c. journal articles, books, chapters of books or excerpts thereof;
    4. d. conference presentations and other conference materials;
    5. e. didactic or learning materials;
    6. f. materials created as a result of publicly funded research or projects;
    7. g. other digital documents.
  1. 5. Materials collected by the Repository may primarily consist of preprints or postprints.


§ 3

  1. 1. Persons entitled to deposit materials in the Repository are staff and students of WSB, and other persons according to the terms of separate agreements.
  2. 2. Works must be deposited in one of the two following ways:
      1. a. directly (self-depositing of one's own work);
      2. b. indirectly (depositing work through the editors of the Repository).
  3. 3. Depositing users publish works through the Repository free-of-charge on the following licences:
  1. 4. The licence is granted before the process of depositing materials in the Repository begins. By submitting materials for depositing, the author shall also submit:
      1. a. a written statement granting an open licence Creative Commons;
      2. or
      3. b. a complete licence agreement in two copies, available as Annex 2 to these Terms.
  1. 5. In the case where the deposited work has previously been published, permission must be granted by the publisher or other relevant entity onto whom the Author had transferred his or her copyright ownership of the given work or to whom the Author had granted an exclusive licence for the same work and for the same field of exploitation. If the Author has entered into an agreement with a publisher or other related entity regarding transferring his or her copyright ownership or exclusive licensing for the same piece of work and for the same field of exploitation, the Author shall verify the details of that agreement or shall ask the publisher or the relevant entity for permission (for additional information see the Sherpa Romeo website available here: The service catalogues agreements between publishers and authors. The service is a valuable source of information on author's rights and publishers' policies on the author's rights to deposit their works and source materials in repositories).
  2. 6. Before any work is published in the WSB Repository, the editors of the Repository shall verify whether all formal requirements of these Terms have been satisfied.
  3. 7. The process of depositing materials in the Repository shall end with verification and proof-reading of the material metadata carried out by appointed editors of the Repository.
  4. 8. The Author of any content published in the Repository shall accept full responsibility for the published materials and shall also be held responsible for any infringement of copyright and ownership laws of any third parties.
  5. 9. Materials violating any rules of the commonly applicable law or rules laid by these Terms, may be removed by the Administrator of the Repository without the author's permission. This article applies especially to materials with regard to which infringement of copyright law or any other intellectual property laws has been reported.


§ 4

  1. 1. Within the scope of the commonly applicable law, the metadata of the Repository is published without limitations.
  2. 2. The resources of the Repository are published in compliance with the licences granted by the depositing Users.
  3. 3. All content published by the Repository is published with respect to the copyright law, on the basis of and within the limitations of licences granted by the Authors of works deposited therein.
  4. 4. The resources of the Repository are intended solely for personal use of recipients and solely for scientific, didactic or educational purposes. Whenever the materials are used, full bibliographic reference must be provided, complete with the name of the Author(s) and a hyperlink to the Repository.
  5. 5. Accessibility to individual materials may vary according to different groups of Users.


§ 5

  1. 1. Works stored by the Repository remain an intellectual property of their Authors and are protected by the rules of the commonly applicable law and especially by the copyright law.
  2. 2. The resources of the Repository are stored indefinitely and in compliance with the data potection policy.

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