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User's Manual: Searching for documents in the WSB-NLU Repository

A PDF version of the manual is available here.

User's Manual: Self-depositing documents in the WSB-NLU Repository (for WSB-NLU staff)

Self-depositing documents in the WSB-NLU Repository has two stages:

1. A member of staff wishing to self-deposit a document in the Repository must log in to the Repository at least once (Intranet login) and fill in the contact form Give feedback. Self-depositing credentials will then be confirmed to the user within one business day.

2. A member of staff who has the credentials to self-deposit documents in the repository (see above procedure) can submit documents in the following way:

The deposited work will be reviewed by the WSB-NLU Library staff and moved to the relevant collection of documents.

Note for non-WSB-NLU authors:
Authors from outside the WSB-NLU who wish to deposit their work (article, book etc.) can contact Ms Maria Sidor PhD: WSB-NLU Library, room C/001 tel: (+48 18) 4499170, e-mail:

ZOTERO - Reference management software

ZOTERO can be downloaded from the programme's official website. It is a free and open-source application designed to facilitate the writing process of academic works such as MA dissertations, doctoral theses or articles. The software helps to organise referencing sources.

The Researcher's Workshop: Compendium (Niebędnik Warsztatu badacza) presents accessible and easy-to-use instructions for using the software and some of its features such as exporting bibliographic data in different referencing conventions and creating your own bibliography.

Recommended materials:

Emanuel Kulczycki, Reference management software: Why is it useful? [Dlaczego warto używać menedżera bibliografii? - Polish only]

Emanuel Kulczycki, Installing and configuring ZOTERO [Jak zainstalować i skonfigurować ZOTERO? - Polish only]

Please, see also the Position of the Presidium of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (KRASP) and the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) of 5 July 2013 on the Rules of Open Access to Scientific and Didactic Publications available on the PAN website.

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