Signalling Changes in the Business Environment in the Infological Perspective. The Significance of the “Weak Signals” Concept




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Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University and Foundation for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Science “Cognitione”


Information and decision-making processes implemented in organizations moderate relations between the organization and its environment. The organization has a possibility to anticipate the states of objects owing to the ability to receive signals and interpret them correctly. The subject of the paper is the problem of signaling changes in the business environment by (weak) signals, presented in the infological perspective which distinguishes the level of potential information attributed to an object, and active information attributed to the user. The aim of the paper is to show a problem which is cognitively interesting and still very poorly recognized empirically, namely the course and the conditionings of the effectiveness of the processes of perception and interpretation of (weak) signals about changes in the business environment.


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signaling changes, weak signal, infological perspective, environmental analysis


Business and non-profit organizations facing increased competition and growing customers' demands : volume 15 : proceedings of the 15th Conference: MMC Brainville, Nowy Sącz, Poland, 20-21 June 2016. Ed. by A. Nalepka, A. Ujwary-Gil. Nowy Sącz : WSB-NLU ; Nowy Targ : Foundation for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Science “Cognitione”, 2016. - S. 57-68