Poglish in England, the United States, and Poland




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Poglish is a dialect that results from combining language elements from Polish and English. It is most commonly heard among people whose first language is Polish, but encounter the need to use English for practical situations in an English-speaking country, or to describe things using English words in Poland because there is no easily translatable equivalent term in Polish. The Poglish examples in this presentation will include those personally experienced by the author when listening to Polish immigrants in Chicago, some accounts of this dialect currently used by Polish immigrants in England, and the incorporation of English words or modifications of English words into the Polish lexicon in Poland. The implications of the use of Poglish on Polish immigrant traditions and the culture of present-day Poland are discussed.


Paper presented at the March 4, 2015 Conference "Culture-Tradition-Language" at Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych in Nowy Sącz, Poland

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combining language, Polish immigrants, Poglish