Information and Knowledge Network Analysis in an Organization




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Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz and Foundation for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Science “Cognitione”


The article presents a selected organization from the perspective of its network of relations and ties. The main networks to be analyzed are the information network and the knowledge network, which constitute core elements of every organization’s operations. The article comprises theoretical considerations of information and knowledge as key intangible resources as well as information and knowledge networks. The research was based on a single case study in which the authors used the basic network measure, namely total degree centrality. Centralities are among the most popular measures which allow us to determine the prominences of network actors. Each network determines a different network of relations, such as: receiving and giving information and joint problem-solving, awareness of the knowledge and skills of other network actors as a necessary requirement for information and knowledge flow in an organization.


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information network, knowledge network, organization, total degree centrality


Business and non-profit organizations facing increased competition and growing customers' demands : volume 16 : proceedings of the 16th Conference: Tomaszowice, Poland, 19-20 June 2017. Ed. by A. Nalepka, A. Ujwary-Gil. Nowy Sącz : WSB-NLU ; Nowy Targ : Foundation for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Science “Cognitione”, 2017. S. 163-176