Management Business Innovation, 2010, no. 6

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    Stock-And-Flow Thinking in Decision Making. Toward Systemic Procedure of Problem Solving
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Śliwa, Kazimierz
    The article presents fundamental rules of the systemic thinking in decision making and it proposes a unified problem solving procedure. The Partitioning Method is presented and it is shown how that method can be used in discovering system structure or problems. The problem structure is a critical factor in solving them. Special attention is paid to the variables described as Stock-and-Flow which absorbs the problems' dynamics and deteremine its feedback structure. The analysis is presented as part of the Dynamic Decision Making theory.
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    Empowering Employees in Process-Oriented Organisations
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Potoczek, Natalia
    Empowerment is one of key management methods in contemporary organizations. The implementation of this method, however, is connected with creation of appropriate organizational conditions. In this article the characteristics of classical function-oriented organizations and contemporary process-oriented ones were presented, then the possibilities of applying empowerment in these organizations were analyzed. Barriers, costs and benefits of empowering employees were identified. The implementation of empowerment proves high competencies of an organization as well as it contributes to their development. Special attention was paid to the speed of making decisions and flexibility of acting and reacting to changing expectations of external and internal customers.
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    Human Resource Management Practices in Polish Companies During the Economic Slowdown
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Pocztowski, Aleksy; Miś, Alicja
    The objective of the paper is to present how companies operating in the Polish market faced challenges in the field of HR-function during the economic slowdown. As a source of data for the analysis two empirical studies have been used, which were conducted in 2009. In both studies structured questionnaires were used. The first study deals with turnover and retention issues and the second one focuses on trends in reward systems. Efforts have been made in the paper to examine how companies adapt their HR policies and practices while coping with changes in the environment. After presenting some general adaptation strategies, the authors will focus on two issues mentioned above. The findings of the empirical research indicate that typical reactions of the examined companies as a response to the crises in the financial markets were: freezing of recruitment actions, cuts in training budgets, changes in reward systems, limitations of benefits as well as restrictions of HR-departments budgets. The research evidence reveals that changes in the labor market caused by economic slowdown forced 46% of the firms to plan reductions of employment but on the other hand 41% did not plan to do that. The uncertainty in the business context of HRM makes HR-professionals rethink practices they have been using so far.
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    Organizational Culture and its Influence on the Effectiveness of the Company
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Myszak, Justyna
    Not so long ago, the crucial factor on the road to success was believed to be found within the perfect understanding and application of organizational strategies. This turned out to be incomplete when the influence of the organizational culture came to daylight. Today this force constitutes the core of the present organization. It determines the unwritten rules and values, which allow stakeholders to better comprehend the way the company works, what it stands and aims for. Understanding and accepting the above enables creating a „member-company‟ relationship, bringing benefit in form of involved employees, and a company which provides confidence and security.
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    Diffusion of Innovations in the Systems Thinkings Approach
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Baran, Małgorzata
    This article presents the process of innovation diffusion in the context of Systems Thinking. The Bass diffusion model is built and converted into a computer simulation model with all variables defined in terms of the System Dynamics (stocks and flows). The computer simulation on the Bass' model confirms a typical for real-life innovations behaviour. Various initial assumptions and their impact upon the innovation diffusion are tested.
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    Measuring the Relative Efficiency of Economic Sectors. Advices for Policy Makers in Poland
    (Nowy Sacz School of Business – National-Louis University, 2010) Czarnecki, Piotr; Szarota, Robert; Woźniak, Dariusz
    The main goal of the paper is to present an idea of the Data Envelopment Analysis model and its potential as a method of evaluation of economic sectors efficiency. An empirical part is concentrated on the use of the DEA model to assess efficiency of the construction industry in Poland from 1999 to 2007. The first part of the article addresses the concept of DEA (CCR model) and the next section presents data and results of the analysis. To obtain the outcomes DEA solver software was applied.